Welcome to the Haul(out)

With October in Toronto comes haulout time for the FCSP Toronto Fans Sailing Division.

It’s a sad day indeed for Captain Frederick Peters as he watched his beloved Tanoa, mastless, hauled out to her waiting cradle.

It was a glorious summer in Toronto, especially for sailing on Lake Ontario. But memories of a great sailing season aren’t the only things buoying our spirits over the winter.

The Trash Bandit fleet will grow by one next spring as Thaumaturge will join Tanoa and Snoopy in the Toronto Segeln Division. You’ll have to wait until Spring to see Thaumaturge, but have a peek at the teaser pics below.

Look for more details next year when we launch.

Here’s to a mild winter and an early spring.

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  1. All three boats are now winterized and ready for to withstand the cold – on the plus side, as long as the temperatures are above 0, the beer on board stays cold without ice bags.

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