The Hamburg chapter

FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans is really excited to announce a new milestone in our short history – a Hamburg Chapter.

The idea to create an informal group with a love for FCSP and the Toronto supporters group came from Melvin Heikhaus and his father Jörg (aka artist Alex Diamond) after a visit to Toronto in 2016.

‘This friendship started when Melvin lived for a few months in Toronto and was welcomed very warmly by everyone in their hometown with the same passion for FCSP,” says Jörg.

Melvin and Jörg in the Gegengerade.

Soon Jörg and Melvin thought it was time to create their own identity, harnessing Jörg‘s wonderful artistry. The result is an amazing piece that captures the essence of Jörg‘s style, but also the ethos and character of FCSP and Toronto.

“The club, the fans and what we all stand for – and what we are against – are very important cornerstones for my passion and love for FC St Pauli,” says Jörg. “Being a season ticket holder basically since I have moved to Hamburg over 20 years ago, I wanted to integrate this and my personal art into the design for the Hamburg Chapter of the FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans.“

FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans Hamburg Chapter logo.


“The very typical Alex Diamond-characters that organically embrace the skull and the wording are a symbol for the friendship and connection amongst Sankt Pauli supporters wherever you are in the world,” says Jörg. ‘These characters are a part of my artwork for at least as long as my membership with the FCSP, and choosing to include the political and social ‘No Place For’ statement that was also on the first T-shirt Toronto Fans gave us was highly important to Melvin and me – now more than ever in these troubled times.”

“I know that a T-shirt or a sticker will not make the world a better place, but it can spread the word and show our resistance, and you cannot repeat enough that this world is no place for homophobia, fascism, sexism, racism or hate. Not now, nor ever.”



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