Since our humble beginnings, one of the things we’ve actively promoted is freundschafts or friendships with other supporters clubs – for FC St. Pauli and other teams.

Jolly Grover Itzehoe

Perhaps one of the very first was with Jolly Grover Itzehoe, an active, friendly supporters group from the town of Itzehoe, near Hamburg. The friendship began when two of our members travelled to Hamburg in the fall of 2016, meeting many of the Itzehoe club.

Since then, we’ve had many exchanges. You might even see Jolly Grover Itzehoe fly our banner at home matches in the Gegengerade near the scoreboard. We love the Jolly Grover Itzehoe.

Forza, side by side at the Millerntor

Downtown Toronto Celtic Supporters Club

The Bhoys in Downtown Toronto reached out to us in 2017 and ever since then we’ve attended some of their viewings, sometimes at 7:30 a.m. thank you very much. They’ve attended our viewings as well and we’re looking for many more ways to connect with them – whether over football or politics.

Sudkurve Toronto

Sudkurve Toronto is a very active club for Greater Toronto Area Bayern Munich supporters and have been very open to a friendship with our club. Although our parent clubs are at two ends of the spectrum on the pitch and geographically in Germany, we share of love of German football. This culminated with Liebe Foosball Toronto in February of 2018, when we gathered to watch Bayern Munich play HSV and FCSP play Eintracht Braunschweig.

Liebe Foosball Toronto 2018

TFC – Red Action \\\ 117

This Toronto FC supporters group in section 117 loves football, but more importantly hates racism and all the evils FCSP opposes. Red Action 117 have attended our viewings and events and even joined us at FCSP Goes USA in Detroit in May of 2018.