Hamburg Chapter

It started with a trip to Toronto.

Melvin Heikhaus visited Toronto in the fall of 2016 to play basketball. An avid FC St. Pauli supporter from Hamburg, he looked for a way to follow his team 6,217 kms away from the Millerntor. He found FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans.

Started just a few months before he arrived, FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans welcomed Melvin with open arms as we do all visitors.

Melvin became a fixture at match viewings, brought friends along to watch the Boys in Brown play, and even treated us to German staples like Kuchen.

Melvin (right) at a match viewing serving us some Streuselkuchen he made from his Oma’s recipe.

Melvin’s time in Toronto came to an end unfortunately, but not before his father Jörg (aka artist Alex Diamond) paid us all a visit and spent time in Toronto.

Melvin and Jörg at their farewell dinner.

Father and son’s affinity for Toronto and the supporters club was so profound, they came up with the idea of creating a Hamburg chapter of FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans.

And to launch the chapter, Alex Diamond designed an amazing logo that not only captures the spirit of his work, but also touts the ethos of FCSP.

FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans Hamburg Chapter logo.


So that we can display our love for FCSP, FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans and the Hamburg Chapter, plans were put in motion to create T-shirts and stickers featuring a version of this logo.

The Hamburg Chapter is an informal group and encourage you to join them. Jörge and Melvin watch matches in the Gegengerade at the Millerntor, and would be happy to meet to talk about FCSP, art, Toronto and more.