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Millerntor Live – September 23, 2017

Mark Palmer from FCSP Toronto Fans was on Millerntor Live, talking about how the group in Toronto started and even fielded a live question about Toronto FC. We certainly encourage you to watch the whole show, but if your German is a little rusty, and you want to jump right to the interview with Mark, skip to 23:45 to watch.


Who Are Ya – August 9, 2017

SYNOPSIS: Who Are Ya?’ is a football podcast that looks at a different club every month, and the issues that matter to the fans of that club.
In this episode, we’ve gone abroad for a club unlike any other. FC St. Pauli are not a successful club, but their unique ethos and fanbase have made them famous well beyond their district of Hamburg, Germany. But can St. Pauli still be ‘St. Pauli’ in an age of mass commercialisation? Just what is it that makes them unique? And why do so many from outside Germany fall in love with this unsuccessful second tier side?
We go to the Millerntor, and speak to St. Pauli fans from all around the world to ask them….Who Are Ya?




Touchline Radio – March 5, 2017

SYNOPSIS: This week I connected with Mark Palmer and Mariela Castro, the founders of the St. Pauli fan base in Toronto.

They share their story as we delve into their immediate attraction to the club, understand the punk culture as St. Pauli drifted away from “traditional” football in the late 80’s. We also discuss the growth of St. Pauli, the ideologies they stand for and how the fan base has grown as it is beginning to connect supporters in Toronto and beyond. We even discuss how football can impact a relationship, and much, much more.