On July 24, 2018 FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans launched its Sailing Division.

The FCSP Toronto Fans “Segeln Abteilung” currently consists of two boats, but we hope to grow the fleet at Toronto’s National Yacht Club.

Tanoa, a Plas Trend 30 Mark II designed by America’s Cup boat designer Britton Chance Jr. in the mid-‘60s was built in 1973 in Ft Worth Texas and brought up to Toronto in the 1980s.


Her Captain Frederick Peters has had her since 2010, having restored her engine and replaced some of her gear. She had a long line of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place flags from her previous owner in racing.

Our other boat, also owned and captained by Frederick is Snoopy, an Albacore built in Ajax On in the early 1960s.


The idea of the Sailing Division is to offer FCSP Toronto Fans members, visitors, friends and especially those without access to this beautiful, friendly sport a chance to dip their toes so to speak and join us on Lake Ontario as we talk FCSP football and principles in between tacks.

We draw our inspiration from the FC St. Pauli Segeln Division and support them and all the great work they do though our individual FCSP memberships.

So if you’d like to join us on an outing, contact us at

Smooth sailing!