In one word – Join us!

My cousin Britta (l) scored me (r) some tickets for my trip to Hamburg from some very generous friends who came to the match with us.

On May 15, 2016 I had the experience of a lifetime – attending an FC St. Pauli match at the Millerntor. It was the finale to a great season, St. Pauli was winning, Astra was flowing, herring sandwiches were in abundance – everyone with the exception of the visiting FCK supporters was happy.

But not your garden variety “happy.” The kind of intense happiness that comes from being included in something remarkable – the kind of happiness that creates indelible memories that beget more happiness.

It’s impossible to completely recreate that same experience halfway across the world, but we can try to capture some of the spirit that defines St. Pauli. Tolerance and respect in mutual human relations.

So join us as we celebrate this culture, this team, this game over a pint or two.

Contact us and let’s get ready for the next season of St. Pauli Football.



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