FC St. Pauli comes to North America

FC St. Pauli will become the first German second division club to tour the United States post-season with a pair of epic international friendlies happening in May 2018.

The Boys in Brown will visit the United States from May 15-24 and will play two friendlies against Detroit City FC (19 May) and Portland Timbers 2 (22 May).

The Detroit City FC friendly is expected to be an epic event and will include a weekend celebration of football culture on both sides of the Atlantic, with a series of events for supporters to be held around the match.

Details for events will be announced at a later date but match tickets can be had now.

Detroit Friendly

For the Detroit City Football Club FC St. Pauli Friendly on May 19, get your tickets here. They ensure you general admission access to the away section. Tickets are $20 each.

Portland Friendly

For the Portland Timbers 2 FC St. Pauli Friendly on May 22, get your tickets here. Use the promo code STPAULI

They ensure you reserved seating in the away section (122-123). Tickets are $13 each plus a $5 order fee for each transaction.

Event activities

Each Friendly will include multiple events attached to them. Stay tuned for information on those in the coming days.

NOTE: Should the Boys in Brown will be involved in the play-offs at the end of this season, however, the tour will not go ahead.

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