FCSP Toronto at Women’s March 2018

#FCSP #Toronto Fans joined over 15,000 of our friends, sisters, daughters, wives and mothers in the #WomensMarch2018 March #DefiningOurFuture on January 20 in Toronto.

After an inspiring collection of speakers, we walked up University Avenue, across Dundas Street and down Bay St. walking with friends of all colours, creed and orientation, many of whom came up to share their love for FC St. Pauli. It was amazing.

It was important to us to recognize the steps that have been taken to make our city more inclusive. But we also marched against the hate that threatens, demonizes and insults so many – Muslims, Jews, racialized people, Indigenous people, migrants and those with precarious or no legal status, members of the LGBTTQQ2SI communities, disabled people and women.

We look forward to the next event. See you soon.


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