Derby Do Raffle for Newcomer Kitchen

The FC. St. Pauli event of the season/year – the HSV Derby – is happening March 10 and we want to build on the Derby Do happening at the Dock Ellis with a raffle to help Newcomer Kitchen.

We’re offering many items for raffle listed below, and whether you’re at the Derby Do beginning at 2pm or outside of Toronto, you can get in on this amazing raffle for a great cause.

We’ve set up a Donation page for the event, allowing you to buy your raffle tickets online. Just make a $5 (1ticket) $10 (3 tickets) or $20 (6 tickets) donation and we will enter you in the draw and send you a photo of your raffle tickets.

Prizes include 2 Alex Diamond FCSP Toronto Fans Hamburg Chapter plaqued, posters, an ELMAR KARLA special edition plaqued poster of his High Noon Derby design, Red Action COYR T-Shirts, and more.

See the complete list of prizes below. See you March 10.

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