Holstein Kiel v FC St. Pauli

Join us as the Boys in Brown travel to take on their maritime rivals Holstein Kiel and try to right the ship.

FC St. Pauli came away with one point March 29 against Duisburg after two disastrous matches against HSV and Sandhausen. Regaining that pre-Derby confidence remains top of mind in order to tackle remaining opponents this season.

As many FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans members will be joining our freunds at Sudkurve Toronto for the Bayern Munich – Dortmund viewing, and Sudkurve Toronto and TFC Red Action 117 at the Toronto FC match that follows, game time is not set in stone but will happen sometime after 6pm when our friends from both groups will join us at the Dock Elllis.

On Sunday April 7 we will be attending the screening of Here to Stay and all are encouraged to join us for the trip to Waterloo.

Lots happening. See you next weekend!

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